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Get to Know Our Story

Since 1925, Bhawsar Chemical Works has been dedicated to natural health solutions. Founder Mr. M. B. Bhawsar revived ancient knowledge, leading to the formation of BCPL. Serving customers for 98 years.
About Us: Our Commitment to Authentic Ayurveda

BCPL Formulae: A Total Approach to Self-Care

At Bhawsar Chemicals Pvt Ltd, we believe in combining the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic texts with modern manufacturing and quality control technologies to create effective, high-quality products. Our formulas are carefully developed by a consortium of Ayurvedic experts, and each herb is harvested at its freshest to ensure natural potency. We are committed to authenticity and careful manufacturing, so you can trust that our products are unparalleled in value and quality.
Our Products: The Power of Ayurveda in Your Hands

The Science of Synergy: How BCPL Formulas Work

BCPL formulas are carefully developed based on the traditional Ayurvedic texts, and are designed to offer the added value of synergy and balance. Our herbs are harvested at their freshest, and wild-crafted when possible, to ensure natural standardization of potency. Our commitment to authenticity and careful manufacturing ensures that each product is of the highest quality and value.
Our Process: From Plant to Product Our Meticulous Process

The Careful Preparation of Ayurvedic Herbs

At BCPL, we believe in preserving the innate intelligence and healing wisdom of each plant through careful preparation. Our herbs are harvested at their freshest in India and wild-crafted when possible to ensure natural potency. Following traditional harvesting and processing methods ensures natural standardization of potency. Each formula is developed under the close supervision of our consortium of Ayurvedic experts, so you can trust that every step of our process is meticulous and thoughtful.
Our Team: Meet Our Experts

A Team of Ayurvedic Professionals

Our efficient and hardworking professional team is well-supported by doctors and chemists, who help us maintain our commitment to authenticity and quality. Each formula is developed under the close supervision of our consortium of Ayurvedic experts, who bring their years of knowledge and experience to every product. We are proud to work with such a dedicated and skilled team.

Our Purpose and Goals

Our Quality Pledge

Personalized products for your body type:

- Our products are tailored to your body type and needs.

- Simply read the label to choose the best product for you.

No side effects, only side benefits:

- Our products are made using natural ingredients and authentic ayurvedic formulations.

- We guarantee no harmful side effects, only positive side benefits.

Genuine formulae for modern health needs:

- Our formulae are based on ancient ayurvedic texts combined with modern scientific research.

- We use only the highest quality ingredients to create genuine products that meet modern health needs.

Total quality control at every step:

- From formulating to producing and testing, we maintain strict quality control measures.

- Our products undergo multiple levels of testing for purity and potency of raw materials.

Herbal combinations for mind and body:

- Our herbal combinations are carefully formulated to take care of the influence on both mind and body.
- We use the science of Sanyog to combine herbs into precise blends that offer the added value of synergy and balance.

Proven expertise guarantees maximum benefits:

- Our products are developed under the close supervision of our consortium of ayurvedic experts.
- We have years of proven expertise that guarantee maximum benefits for our customers.

Authentic ayurvedic company:

- We are an authentic ayurvedic company with a commitment to authenticity and careful manufacturing.

- Our products empower people to reclaim true health and find renewed enthusiasm for creating harmony in their bodies, minds and spirits.
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